Core Skills Courses

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Yard & Warehouse

Load-building techniques to maximize jobsite efficiency, delivery drivers' responsibilities.


LBM Basics

An introduction to the fundamentals of building supply for every employee.

Total Courses: 5

Training Time: 1.9 Hours

Yard & Warehouse

Some material handling skills are learned most efficiently on the job, but others require an understanding of how materials will be used on the jobsite. These courses cover how to organize delivery packages and how to assemble them to avoid damage during delivery.

Total Courses: 4

Training Time: 1.4 Hours

Prerequisite: LBM Basics


Demo Courses

Our LMS consists of 44 core skills courses for salespeople and yard workers—over 25 hours of self-study training—plus a library of tips, tricks, and best practices from recognized industry experts. We offer 133 courses and 37 additional learing resources for building supply professionals to keep both rookies and veterans engaged in learning.

Common Sense Selling

Common Sense Selling 3: How Builders Make Money

You already know top-notch service saves money for your builders. Here's how to figure out how much money you put on their bottom line.

Greg Brooks, BSCi

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Estimating Math Essentials

Dimensions; measurements & conversions; tallies & calculation order; fractions; decimal feet & inches; percentages; calculating length, surface area, volume, and board feet; pricing per thousand; gross margin & markup; front-end calculations.

Greg Brooks, BSCi

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Decks 1: Material Types, Features, and Uses

Deck components and materials, including updated information on treated wood.

Greg Brooks, BSCi

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Load Building

Load-Building: Framing Packages

General load-building guidelines, working with lumber tallies, organizing a framing package, pulling and loading techniques, dealing with uneven rows, building dump loads to avoid damage.

Greg Brooks, BSCi

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Best Practices

Construction supply industry veterans' tips, tricks, and best practices for salespeople, managers, and front-line supervisors.

Total Courses: 89

Training Time: 29.8 Hours

Our Training Options

The BSCi Learning Management System is built from the ground up for building suppliers, with key features requested by LBM dealers and designed to minimize the time you spend administering training.

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  • Monthly Subscription
  • Spot Training
    If all you need is spot training to fill gaps in employees’ knowledge, subscribe to by the month and then cancel whenever you’re done.
  • FREE skills evaluation tests identify weaknesses, then suggest courses to fill those gaps
  • Build and assign your own curricula, assign individual courses, track individual or company wide progress, download reports, get assignment completion notifications, view detailed test results
  • Each seat license gives a trainee unlimited access to all BSCi materials: 44 core skills courses and 89 best practices topics, 47 total hours of training
  • Seat licenses may be transferred between accounts. Simply queue a license for transfer, and at the beginning of your next billing cycle, the system automatically reassigns the license to the next trainee
  • Only $69 per seat license per month (1 – 5 seats) or $66 per month (6 – 10 seats)
  • Have a change in your training needs? Seat license subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at anytime
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  • Private LMS
  • An Ongoing Commitment
    If your goal is to make learning an integral part of everyone’s job, a private LMS enables you to build on our core skills library and create your own curriculum.
  • A custom-built LMS branded for your company, with turnkey hosting, maintenance, backups, domain management, SSL, and technical support
  • Multilevel administration: Manage training at the company or branch level
  • Turnkey setup: We’ll pre-load user accounts and set up branch locations so you’re ready on Day One.
  • Complete BSCi course library included at no extra charge
  • Add your own courses: internal company skills or vendor training. We’ll convert your in-house video or other documents to e-learning courses for you.
  • Skills evaluation tests identify needs, then suggest courses to fill those gaps
  • A flat annual fee: $5,400 plus $6 per registered user per year
  • Add-Ons: Seminar & live event tracking: Track attendance at on-site events to maintain a record of all the training you do.
  • Add-Ons: Retail employee training: If you’re an NHPA member, we can deliver NHPA’s 100- and 200-level courses in your LMS
  • Add-Ons: Certification management. Easily create and manage your own internal certification program
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Participating associations offer monthly subscriptions with unlimited access to the complete library of BSCi training courses through their own LMS websites. For more information, please contact your association representative or click a logo below.


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